Jennifer Probert UX/UI Design
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creating delight one user experience at a time

Hi there! I'm Jennifer and I'm a full stack designer.

Okay, so maybe full stack designer is a term I just made up, but it makes sense because I do all types of design, and I do them well.

UX design. UI design. Visual Design. Web design. Graphic design. I'm all about design because design is about solving problems. And I like solving problems!

In the past five years I've been studying and focusing on UX/UI design. I'll solve your problems by digging deep and identifying the root cause, not just the symptoms that present themselves. Identify and solve that underlying problem and you're halfway home.

I'll take you all the way home by designing elegant solutions that solve the problem and delight your visitors.

Wondering if I might be a good fit for your company? Check out my resume here and my LinkedIn profile there.

UX Designer
Designs interfaces and interactions; performs user research; designs and performs usability testing; has knowledge of content strategy.
UI Designer
Has knowledge of graphic design, typography, color theory, photo direction, vector manipulation, and motion graphics.
Visual Designer
Aware of the aesthetics of digital design; loves branding; focuses on user experience as it relates to digital design aesthetics.
Web Designer
Designs and codes pixel-perfect, beautiful websites; codes in HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript.
Graphic Designer
Designs for print publications; creates page layouts, advertisements, marketing materials; excellent typographical skills.
Digital illustration skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw; excellent pencil skills using pen & ink, marker, and pencil.